Friday, January 28, 2011

Handmade and Handcrafted Bride and Groom Nutcrackers

Hi and welcome to my Bride and Groom post. You are here because you searched for a very special gift for the happy Soon to be Married couple or Newlyweds!

Here you will find pictures of Bride and Groom Nutcracker that I have made. Most were custom ordered and a couple were my own design.

Each Nutcracker is hand made from start to finish. The Bride and the Groom  stands about 13" tall. They both have working jaws, however the Bride's "jaw" is her chest. Grooms can be made to look like little men or they can be made to look like Traditional Nutcrackers with hats and hair. Brides and Grooms can be painted, or clothed, their bodies can be painted or you can leave them natural wood.

If you are interested in purchasing a Custom Bridal Set please give yourself plenty of time when you order. Some sets, depending on complexity of the order, can take up to a month to create. IF you are just interested in a STANDARD Bride and Groom, meaning white dress and black tux and hair and eye color are my choosing, just let me know and I can do that as well.

Thanks for stopping by my Bride and Groom post and I hope I have answered some of your questions.
If you want to order a set you can email me at either site AFTCRA, ETSY or ARTFIRE, the banners are located at the upper right of the blog, and we can exchange ideas!
Thanks and I look forward to working with you!

Gorgeous Bride and Groom. Military Wedding

Gorgeous Bride and Handsome Groom

Gorgeous Bride with Hand Beaded Dress

I just finished this custom Bride and Groom Nutcracker set. The bride has on a not quite white taffeta dress with sparkle lace and beaded sashes. She also has a train which you cant see but its there.

The groom, well he is wearing a black tux and bow tie!

The bride is wearing a white lace dress with a pearl beaded belt on her waistband.
The groom is wearing a grey suit with lighter grey thread for contrast.

And of course her beautiful updo wig!

This Bride and Groom is wearing ivory. Her ivory lace gown with a slit in the front and his tuxedo is ivory and black.

She has pearl earrings and he has grey sideburns!

They are a cute couple! And the nutcrackers dont look bad either! lol

Here is an example of a Bride and Groom where the dress is tulle and beaded on the front. The Groom has a real beard, well made from the same hair but it looks real, not painted on!

This Bride has on a lace dress and rhinestone earrings. The Groom has short hair on top and you cant see it, but he has real short hair in the back. Kinda of like it is shaved. Looks so cute in person!
 Here is a Bride and Groom I just finished. She looks beautiful in her light ivory wedding gown, blue sapphire necklace and and dangling diamond earrings.
The Groom is in his black tux, black vest and blue tie.

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